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Job Description


California Psychiatric Transitions is a 98 bed Mental Health Rehabilitation Facility located in Delhi, CA. We serve adults with severe and persistent mental illness as well as the forensic population. We are a recovery oriented program and our primary focus it is to help our clients successfully transition back into society.


We are currently looking for a full time Activity Coordinator who is a licensed or license eligible: Music, Art, Recreation, Dance or Occupational Therapist. The Activity Coordinator oversees approximately 10 staff members and is responsible for the administrative functions of the Activities Program. This position would be excellent leadership experience for a (Music or Art or Recreation or Dance or Occupational) Therapist that already has some training in mental health.


Job description:


Activity Coordinator


The Activity Coordinator will work 4 ten hour shifts weekly, or a varied schedule as determined by the Program Director.



  • Responsible for all functions and operations of the Activity program, including administrative duties, such as: creating quality therapeutic programming for the facility that meets the treatment needs of residents, supervising both activities and expressive arts staff, and other administrative duties as determined by the Program Director.
  • Manage and coordinate monthly budget for the department.
  • Order and maintain all necessary supplies for groups and events.
  • Hold regular staff meetings to increase communication and coordinate programming.
  • Meet weekly with Facility Director to set goals, discuss issues, and influence long term direction for the department.
  • Facilitate creative, educational, psycho social, recreational, and activity based groups that will effectively engage residents and support their treatment plans, as needed.
  • Meet with staff individually to provide supervision, mentoring, and modeling.
  • Supervise staff during outings (if needed), as well as monitor residents to support successful integration and involvement with the community; drive van if qualified to do so.
  • Implement and expand vocational rehabilitation program to assist residents in practicing work-related skills.
  • Meet with residents individually on an as needed basis to facilitate expressive arts therapy or activities.
  • Plan and implement theme day and holiday events, and provide opportunities for staff to collaborate and assist in development of the department.
  • Effectively manage groups and provide verbal de-escalation when needed.
  • Provide therapeutic counseling support in all aspects of position, and mentor staff on counseling techniques.
  • Ensure that quarterly notes and other documentation are completed by staff in a timely manner, in addition to documenting incidents and psychiatric symptoms, as they occur.
  • Due to the unpredictable nature of the psychiatric profession employees are to engage in crisis prevention procedures for the safety, health, and welfare of the residents and staff.
  • In addition to specific job duties, at times, you will be expected to stand for periods of time, bend, kneel, lift, carry and walk swiftly or run.



***** To qualify for the Activity Coordinator position, you MUST be a person who is an LICENSED or LICENSE ELIGIBLE occupational therapist, music therapist, art therapist, dance therapist or recreation therapist *****


Bachelor's degree or higher in Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Recreational Therapy required. License or registration in respective modality required. Two years of experience in a social of recreational program within the past five years, one of which was full-time in a mental health setting. Prior management experience in a healthcare setting preferred. Compensation will commensurate with experience. Job Type: Full-time

If you are interested in applying, please send your resume and cover letter to: , or call 209-667-9304 ext. 118.


Mental Health Worker

Mental Health Workers (MHW's) must have a high school diploma or GED. Preferred: 1 year of work experience working in a mental health program serving patients with severe and persistent mental illness or developmental disabilities and/or 60 college semester units preferably 15 semester units in behavioral sciences.

Under general supervision, Mental Health Workers assist mentally impaired or emotionally disturbed patients, working under direction of nursing and medical staff. May assist with daily living activities, lead patients in educational and leisure activities, or accompany patients to and from examinations and treatments. May restrain violent patients or engage in other crisis intervention techniques. May assess psychosocial or medical impact of participant condition and recommend appropriate treatment plans, and other related duties as assigned.


Licensed nursing staff shall hold a valid LPT, LVN, or RN license and perform the following nursing services within the scope of their license.

Services shall include but not be limited to the following: Involvement in the planning and implementation of each client's care plan including assessment and documentation. Obtaining and documenting physician orders for medical care, laboratory work-ups and administration of medication. Monitoring of client's height, weight, and vital signs. Writing weekly and monthly progress notes. Notifying the physician promptly of any sudden marked adverse change in signs, symptoms, or behavior exhibited by a client. Due to the unpredictable nature of the psychiatric profession employees are to engage in crisis prevention procedures for the safety, health, and welfare of the residents and staff. In addition to specific job dutues, due to the nature of the psychiatric field, at times, you will be expected to stand for long periods of time, bend, kneel, lift, carry, and walk swiftly or run.


Preferred experience in kitchen preparatory work, and line assembly serving techniques. Preferred experience in dietary or therapeutic meals, such as calorie conscious meals (especially in a hospital or other similar facility).

These employees will be trained in basic food sanitation techniques, food preparation, ktichen clean up, and maintaining the dietetic services areas. They will also be informed of appropriate clothing and attire to be worn in the kitchen such as a cap or hair net, closely cropping and trimming beards and mustaches or covering them. They will also be trained in preparation of each item on the posted menu including special diets (prescribed by MD) and appropriate portions (as indicated by MD). In addition to specific job duties, due to the nature of the psychiatric field, at times, you will be expected to: stand for long periods of time, bend, kneel, lift, carry, and walk swiftly or run.


Preferred experience in housekeeping (especially in a hospital or similar facility).

The Housekeeping position requires qualified individuals to maintain high standards of cleanliness and safety for the facility. This includes the resdient bedrooms and bathrooms, dining areas, offices, and all common areas indoor/outdoor. Housekeeping is also responsible for sorting laundry, drying, and folding the clothes. INterested candidates must be flexible with schedule including weekends.