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California Psychiatric Transitions is a fully licensed Mental Health Rehabilitation Center MHRC, implementing cutting-edge rehabilitation. Located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley and set on seven and a half acres, CPT has three facilities completely staffed with qualified, compassionate and competent personnel. With two on-site psychiatrists, a medical doctor and coupled with a well equipped, twenty-four hour nursing staff, CPT has the unique ability to render constant and immediate attention.

The essence of CPT is to implement a treatment plan designed specifically for each resident, focusing on medication, behavioral and psychiatric needs. In addition, the main facility prides itself on a highly structured program that caters to a wide spectrum of the mental health community. A daily agenda assists residents with elementary functions including ADLís, interactive groups both cognitive and rudimentary as well as outings and associated work programs. Its sole purpose is to allow clients to develop into self-reliant human beings.

Adjacent to the main facility lies another building which functions as a one of a kind Reentry Program. This program was developed to provide a self-governing atmosphere for residents to rely on their own skills and abilities. The Reentry Program allows residents to interact and function utilizing social and domestic skills that will prepare them for reentry back into society.

California Psychiatric Transitions also operates a facility that addresses the needs and concerns for individuals that have been court ordered to a diversion program and or have committed felonies/misdemeanors and are currently unable to stand trial. These individuals are characterized as IST 1370. {Incompetent to Stand Trial Ė Penal Code 1370}. CPT has implemented several diagnostic tools that will be used to achieve competency restoration. Some of the tools include, but are not limited to; an understanding of courtroom proceedings, penalties, charges and defenses, legal terminology and various tests that determine varying levels of competency. Once competency is determined, the individual shall be remanded back to the county of jurisdiction for further proceedings, or if applicable, further treatment may be ordered.

Within this building, CPT addresses residents with behavioral issues. The focus of this program is to address and correct disruptive behavior(s), minimize the occurrences, and continue their treatment once ownership of their behavior(s) has been achieved.

Throughout its dedicated years of service to the mental health community, California Psychiatric Transitions has become a leader in the process of rehabilitation. Its formula for success is evident state wide, with former residents functioning as members of society, interacting with everyday people in everyday fashion. As we evolve with contemporary approaches to mental health, California Psychiatric Transitions is committed to a tradition of quality healthcare and to the well-being of individuals with mental illness.
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