California Psychiatric Transitions

Mental Health Rehabilitation Center


The Diversion Program is designed to serve court-ordered diversion and Incompetent to Stand Trial-Penal Code 1370 (IST 1370) individuals. The individuals in this program have been incarcerated and are unable to stand trial due to a mental illness or a mentall illness with a co-occuring developmental disability. The program goal is to use a structured daily program to allow for competency restoration and diversionary programs by treating these individuals, CPT can assess whether or not an individual is competent to stand trial or is in need of further psychiatric evaluation and treatment. The daily program assists residents with rudimentary skills including activities of daily living and interactive/cognitive groups as well as comprehensive treatment plans designed to address their individual mental health needs.

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Specific training sessions addressing competency restoration focus on such topics as: an understanding of courtroom proceedings; penalties, charges, and defenses; legal terminology; and various tests used to determine levels of competency. At the conclusion of the specific training sessions, the clients will be enrolled in the Mock Trial. This is a simulated trial-level proceeding conducted by the residents themselves to understand trial rules and gauges their varying levels of competency and individual successes. Once competency is determiend, the individual may be remanded back to the county of jurisdiction for further proceedings, or, if applicable, further treatment may be ordered.

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