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Dr Romero

Karen M Romero MD

Objective: I want to practice in a small community or rural clinic. I trained in a family practice residency program that allows the incorporation of primary care medicine across all life spans. I am a native Spanish speaker and have worked to become fluent in Spanish throughout my work experiences. I want to return to a clinical setting where I can treat patients across all life spans.



Resident Training
Merced Medical Center Merced Family Practice Residency Program, UC Davis Family Practice Residency Network., Board Certification taken in December 2003. I plan to recertify in December 2015.


Medical Education
Doctor of Medicine, University of New Mexico School of Medicine. Albuquerque, New Mexico. Awarded in May, 1998.


Graduate Education
Master of Science in Biology, University of New Mexico. Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Undergraduate Education
Bachelor of Arts in Biology, University of New Mexico. Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Associate of Arts in General Studies, Northern New Mexico Community College.



Staff Physician
California Psychiatric Transitions, PO Box 339/9226 N Hinton Avenue, Delhi, California 95315.


Clinic Physician
Livingston Community Health Clinic, 1140 Main Street, Livingston, California 95334.


Resident House Officer and Clinic Physician
Mercy Medical Center Merced and Family Care Clinic, Merced, California


Research Technologist at University of New Mexico, School of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry.
Teaching clinical biochemistry methodologies. Investigation of lysosomal hydrolase activities of enzymes in body fluids of patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and nephrotic syndrome. Management responsibilities.


Graduate Teaching assistant, University of New Mexico, Department of Biology.
Teaching undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology laboratories and freshman biology lab sections. Preparation of lecture and laboratory activities.


Research technician, University of New Mexico.
Knowledge of basic research techniques including spectrophotometer and collection, handling and storage of of biological specimens.

1990, Summer

Part-time Instructor, Santa Fe Community College
Lecture and laboratory course in Introduction to Chemistry. Length of course: 8 weeks.

1989, Summer

Tutor, Albuquerque Public Schools, Indian Education Service.
Tutor for Native American students in chemistry, biology and health courses.


Computer and Clerical Aide, University of New Mexico, Office of Admissions.
Processing and data entry of student applications to UNM. Served on UNM Special Admissions Committee on numerous occasions

1985, Summer

Tutor, Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Tutor for math and English courses.


Work Study positions at University of New Mexico.
Variety of work study positions which included the Minority Biomedical Research program, UNM Child Care Center and the Education office of the UNM Children's Psychiatric Hospital.


Tutor, Clerical Specialist, Summer Intern Instructor at the Northern New Mexico Community College.
Tutor for math, English, chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, and Biology courses. Clerk-typist, technical advisor in the computer Laboratory. During the summer months, assistant instructor for the courses in life sciences and computer science.



Sergeant, United States Army
My training was in the postal field. Duties: driver, courier, mail handler, postal window clerk, unit mail clerk and postal unit supervisor. Assignments were both in the continental United States and Germany. Honorable discharge in March, 1979.



Perceived Stressors: A Comparison of Medical Students and Faculty in the New Curriculum at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine.


Forsythe GW, Romero KM, Alverson J, Vanderjagt DJ and Glew RH.; Variable expression of leukocyte-cytosolic broad-specificity B-glucosidase activity, EClinica Chimica Acta. July 1999, Volume: 216, pp. 11-21.

Romero KM, Butcher BA, Boyle PJ, Fry DE and Glew RH.; Decreased renal excretion of B-hexosiaminidase in adults with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and normal renal function. EClinica Chimica Acta. July 1993. Volume 216, pp. 125-133.


Current California State Medical License: #A77803
DEA Registration Number: FR1494004


American Academy of Family Physicians, 1994-Present.

Certification for BLS and ACLS

Currently working on updating my certifications for BLS and ACLS.

Board Certification by American Board of Family Medicine

I plan to take the board exam in November, 2015