California Psychiatric Transitions

Mental Health Rehabilitation Center


The Re-Entry Program is a twenty two (22) bed unit. The focus on this program is learning skills associated with independent living such as cooking groups, vocational rehabilitation, and independently managing laundry.

Reentry Lounge

The program also offers the resident vocational rehabilitation around the facility. This group offers the residents many different jobs, such as assisting staff with basic janitorial duties, landscaping projects, and a gardening group where the residents are responsible for routine maintenance and seasonal upkeep of the flowers and/or vegetables.

Reentry Cooking Group

This program also focuses on personal money management. Each resident is more active in how they manage their own finances. Some other individual programs include specialized cooking groups where the resident learns about food preparation and the importance of making healthy choices along with a thorough understanding of safety precautions while doing so. The clients also have the opportunity to participate in doing their own laundry.

Reentry Entrance

When our residents reach the Re-Entry placement and have demonstrated overall stability in all facets of their rehabilitative care, placing agencies typically start looking for least restrictive placements where the resident can continue to grow and integrate back into the community.

Reentry Bedroom