California Psychiatric Transitions

Mental Health Rehabilitation Center

The vocational rehabilitation (voc rehab) program provides opportunities for residents to learn and practice work-related skills while under the supervision of staff. Residents participating in cov rehab have a "job" at the facility in which they are able to earn points for. During voc rehab, residents work on gardening, housekeeping, organization, decorating, clerical tasks, as well as brainstorming ideas to future CPT events. Gardening is the largest component to our voc rehab program. Residents enjoy caring for several flowers and plants around the facility, as well as in four raised planter eds. Our staff also coach residents on career exploration, resume building, and developing social skills that are appropriate to the work environment. CPT will soon be adding a computer lab to our facility to train residents on various computer programs, allow them to become proficient in typing, and practice applying for employment online.

Vocational Gardens