1 year experience in dietary or therapeutic meals, i.e. caloric conscious meals (especially in a hospital or other similar facility), is required.

Preferred experience in kitchen preparatory work, cooking, & line assembly serving techniques.

Preferred Serve Safe Certified.

Job Duties

  • Employees will be trained in basic food sanitation techniques, food preparation, kitchen clean up, and maintaining the dietetic services areas.
  • Employees will also be trained to prepare each item on the posted menu including special diets (prescribed by an MD) and appropriated portions (as indicated by an MD).
  • Employees will be informed of appropriate clothing and attire to be worn in the kitchen, such as a cap or hair net. Employees will also be required to closely crop, trim, or cover beards and mustaches.
  • Due to the unpredictable nature of the psychiatric profession employees are to engage in crisis prevention procedures for the safety, health and welfare of the residents and staff.
  • In addition to specific job duties, due to the nature of the psychiatric field, at times, you will be expected to; stand for long periods of time, bend periodically, kneel, lift/carry up to more than 25 pounds, and walk swiftly or run.