Team leaders will have graduated from high school or obtained a G.E.D. (General Education Diploma) and have a minimum of two years full time work experience (or it’s part time equivalent) working in a mental health program serving persons with severe and persistent mental disabilities.

A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Social Work, or Behavioral Science may be substituted for two years of experience.

Team leaders will report to the Program Director.

Job Duties

  • Under the direct supervision of the Psychiatrist and Program Director, employees will be responsible for the treatment, counseling and supervision of California Psychiatric Transitions’ residents.
  • Assure that proper documentation occurs whenever necessary including weekly, monthly, and quarterly progress summaries and incidental charting.
  • Assist in identifying behavior problems and develop and implement behavioral care plans.
  • Update care plans as required.
  • Meet regularly with the Program Director to discuss treatment problems and progress.
  • Communicate with the Mental Health caseworker and family when necessary.
  • Facilitate team meetings and groups assigned by the Program Director that allow residents to discuss their needs and progress.
  • Assure that the clothing needs of the residents assigned to them are met.
  • Complete monthly and quarterly written reviews of each resident assigned.
  • Communicate each resident’s progress to the facility psychiatrist.
  • Staff each resident that is assigned with facility psychiatrist on a monthly basis.
  • Track each resident’s group hours.
  • Track each resident’s program level and inform and review with their psychiatrist when a resident qualifies to change levels.
  • Act as a liaison between the resident and treatment. Route resident requests through the appropriate administrative channels.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Program Director.
  • Due to the unpredictable nature of the psychiatric profession employees are to engage in crisis prevention procedures for the safety, health and welfare of the residents and staff.
  • In addition to specific job duties, due to the nature of the psychiatric field, at times, you will be expected to stand for long periods of time, bend, kneel, lift, carry and walk swiftly or run.