• The Main Unit

The Main Unit is generally the starting point for clients who are admitted to CPT. Residents can transition from the main unit to the re-entry unit if they show improvement.

CPT employs a highly structured daily program that allows for both developmental growth and self-reliance. 

The daily program assists residents with:

  • Rudimentary skills
  • Activities of daily living
  • Interactive groups

Cognitive sessions focusing on such topics as:

  • Anger management
  • Medication awareness
  • and Impulse control provide necessary tools for each resident to realize their potential

Group Sessions

The program provides a weekly schedule of group therapy sessions, conducted by the Staff Psychiatrist, the Director or Nursing, Team Leader(s) and other staff. These sessions help identify and isolate resident concerns, progress, reoccurring issues, and gauge the overall progress of the unit.

One-on-one sessions

In addition to group therapy, CPT acknowledges the vital importance of the one-on-one sessions. These sessions, also referred to as “Resident Staffing”, are designed to delve further into the root cause of behavior as well as the specific needs of the individual resident, addressing behavioral issues, medication changes, and program compliance.