• Community Integration

The Community Integration program at CPT supports residents in developing the skills needed to successfully enter back into society. Qualified residents have the opportunity to attend weekly outings that are accompanied by staff. These outings prepare residents to have positive and constructive experiences in the community upon their discharge from CPT.

Residents work on skills such as:

  • Appropriate socialization: Residents work on social interaction with peers, staff, and community members.
  • Eating meals in the community: Residents practice ordering from a menu, having appropriate table manners, and polite dinner conversations.
  • Navigating resources: Residents visit local colleges, libraries, farmer’s markets, and other community events to learn about what is offered and accessible within the community.
  • Money management: Residents practice purchasing items, budgeting, interacting with staff and cashiers, and creating a shopping list.
  • Recreation and relaxing: Residents work on their leisure skills at lake outings, arcades, driving ranges, parks, and bowling alleys. Our residents have been successful in attending major outings such as:
    • Great America
    • San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park
    • California State Railroad Museum
    • Monterey Bay Aquarium
    • Northern California Renaissance Fair
    • as well as many others!