• Themed Community Events

Residents participate in large-scale facility wide events that are intended to build community, educate, boost morale, provide an opportunity for larger-scale creative expression, and support residents in developing social abilities in a larger group setting.

Some of our events include:

Diversity Fair

Residents and staff create a poster board identifying aspects of their personal heritage and spend a day presenting them to each other. This creates a safer and more tolerable community, and helps us to learn more about one another – all while practicing public speaking skills!

CPT Olympics

Residents are split into groups to compete in a variety of field day games and activities, This event helps residents successfully work on a team and have fun doing something active.

King’s Theater Talent Show

Residents are able to showcase their unique talents and creative abilities with a supportive audience.

Themed Dances

Residents have the opportunity to attend several dances throughout the year. Residents enjoy socializing and dancing with one another as well as participating in other games and activities available at the event. Some examples of dances have been: Halloween, western, tropical, and the 80’s.

Major Holidays

CPT celebrates all major holidays, and honors the holiday traditions of our residents. Residents have the opportunity to participate in celebrations throughout the year, and learn about holidays that they may not be familiar with.