• Visiting Hours are 12PM-4PM daily

Arranging Visits

Visits must be arranged by contacting the Resident’s Team Leader during business hours (Monday to Thursday)
Visits should be arranged a minimum of two days in advance. Visits for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday must be scheduled by the preceding Thursday at 6pm Visiting areas are reserved when scheduling with the Team Leader. Please schedule your visit at one of our outdoor areas if you or the Resident plan to smoke during the visit.

Visitation Guidelines

Bringing a meal to eat with your Resident is welcome. However, food (including beverages, snacks, and candy) must be consumed during visit. Leftover food items must be thrown out or return with the visitor.
  • Please bring reasonably sized meals. Large sodas and multiple entrées are discouraged.
  • Do not bring glass containers or aluminum cans to the visit.
  • Cell phones and computers (including tablet PCs/iPads) are prohibited.
  • Visits will be monitored by staff (except when otherwise approved by Team Leader)
  • Visitation rights may be limited or suspended if CPT visitation policies are violated.
  • Visits for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday must be scheduled by 6 pm on Thursday
*Please note that outdoor visitation is not allowed for Residents held on a 1370 legal hold.

bringing Gifts?

Please discuss specific gifts with the team leader prior to the visit to ensure gifts align with the resident’s treatment and are in compliance with the contraband policy.

  • Cash or a check in the resident’s name are accepted
  • Food and snacks are not permitted